07 - Echoes Of A Fallen Era

from by Ymyrgar



Blood giveth life and blood taketh life
The shadows of the End take over the Light
The treacherous Death of the Pure White
By the hands of the venomous snake s knife '
Unleashed (at last) the start of the greatest fight

Under the wings of the eternal Night
Hunting the snake for revenge s sake '
Sealed he was in a rock of endless ache

A long winter came at last
The end is near, but not so fast
The blood oath shall be forgotten
An endless rage. An era so rotten
The sun has faded, lost its glitter
Swallowed whole by a pursuer, not a quitter
The moon as well, a captive it became
The equilibrium was lost, who s to blame? '

The shaking of the grounds unleashed the beasts
An era of blood, the devil s feasts '
The final battle has now began
The doom is near, about it nothing can be done

All is prepared for the final stride
What once was sealed cannot be denied
ODIN perished by the hands of FENRIR
Avenged by VIDAR in the heart with a spear

THOR collided with the great snake
The vicious fight is no fake
Victorious he was but no for so long
The time has come for the warrior to be gone

LOKI as well engrossed in his battle
Face to face with HEIMDAL the score to settle
An era of chaos and a scorching fire
A black sky engulfing the world entire
At last the ground finally gave in
Sank in the depth of the frozen ocean

The sacrifices that were made were not in vain
What once was lost shall be regained
The ocean that swallowed the wretched ground
Erased the scars so profound
And once again it s back to life '
So pure and vivid, a new life
The tree of the world was the source of all
The shelter of the two who shall answer the call

Few are those who the end survived
Learning from those who are long dead
And thus it began, a new journey
With the wisdom of the past and memories so thorny


from The Tale As Far, released October 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Ymyrgar Tunis, Tunisia

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