06 - Under The Sign Of Path

from by Ymyrgar



Verse I:
Blessed were the children of Odin
Carrying inside the mighty gods gene
The fairest of them all was Baldur
Bright as the holy sun forever pure
Beauty and wisdom in one combined
Residing in the hearts of gods and minds
No warrior shall he ever be
A peaceful soul from all hatred and dirt eternally free
A teacher, a mentor he was called
Telling the ways of herbs and curses so old
Hod was the shadow of the holy sun
Blind and in darkness, he was no fun
A premonition awakened an old anxiety
The coming of Ragnarok and the end of reality

Embrace the fate, unleash the strings
The enchanting wise that laughter brings
In dreams he saw what hidden must be
The beloved god's no longer free
The glorious Baldur, the trigger of Ragnarok
The mesmerizing son and sealer of clock

Verse II:
Scared of her loss Frigg sealed a pact
With all living creatures in a matter of fact
To never harm her beloved son
Thus the oath of the gods was finally done
Although only one she did not fear
The young mistletoe needn't to be sealed
Immune he has become the wise God
Unharmed and loved he shall always be
But the darkness lurking behind him he can never see
Spreading laughter and joy
Turning himself into gods’ toy
Enjoying the power he obtained
Forever in darkness chained
The peaceful soul no longer he is
With a spear was stabbed and flew with the breeze
The mistletoe that was left behind
With the evil of the snake and its treacherous mind
Guiding the young blind fool
Who seeked to laugh and break the rules
And thus what the witch foresaw came true
The wise, the fallen, to Hel straight to
The grieve that befell on those close to heart
The farewell is the final part
And thus the fate of the world was unleashed
To start the sacred war and enjoy the final feast


from The Tale As Far, released October 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Ymyrgar Tunis, Tunisia

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