04 - Hall Of The Slain

from by Ymyrgar



Verse I:
Facing danger standing tall
He who shall never fall
Gates of heaven open wide
Embrace the glory sacrifice
Fear no man; Dread no soul, Once again, Facing foes
Like the blood that flows within
Until death never give in
Fellowship of swords
Brotherhood of unspoken word
Seal the unspoken fate
With the last breath of dead saint

Hall of the slain heaven of the chosen ones
The start of the end along with Odin's sons
The vessel of the ancients and those yet to come
The heaven of man and the eternal sun

Verse II:
Wheels of fate starts to roll
Unchains the gates to embrace the soul
Pulling back the property of gods
Rewarding the ultimate glory sacrifice
Oh Valhall! Heaven of fearless warrior
Embrace this humble seeker of honour
With endless wine and eternal peace of mind
With the company of the father god in the great hall of Asgard

Verse III:
A heaven it's called
But is it indeed
Killing and fighting
Became a need
To keep the strength
Of the chosen ones
To save Asgard
When war comes
A bore is slaughtered
Every day
Made hole again,
Never to decay
Sons of Odin
Like a forfeit
Fighting gods
Comes with a price
Through 540 gates
Flows the path of fate
To unleash the threads of time
Needs nothing but the ultimate crime


from The Tale As Far, released October 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Ymyrgar Tunis, Tunisia

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