02 - Dawn Of Time

from by Ymyrgar



Verse I:
Through ice and fire
Dark and light
The clash of realms
That none shall sight
He who was brought through Elivagar's venom
And through whom rose the world of human
Ymir the Joten the source of all

Verse II:
In a prison of ice
There he lays
But freedom he gained
In a matter of days
Audhumla's milk was the gate of life
But soon it turned into a poisoned knife
Buri was made from the salty ice

Verse III:
From blood oceans and seas were made
Holding a treason that shall not fade
His bones shaped the mountains we climb
Wild and fierce it tells the story a-for-time
Out of his flesh was the earth, finally born
The blue planet where all fades like seafoam
That tremendous skull made the vast blue sky
The witness to an awful history that cries
A myth they say, a lie it might be
But what I’ve learned is we can't always see


from The Tale As Far, released October 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Ymyrgar Tunis, Tunisia

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