The Tale As Far

by Ymyrgar

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kertase Awesome music, great sound, I hope the Metal scene in Tunisia will find a more solid ground to blossom on. Looking forward to future songs and Albums and more concerts in Europe in the future. Favorite track: 07 - Echoes Of A Fallen Era.
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released October 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Ymyrgar Tunis, Tunisia

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Track Name: 01 - Einu Sinni Var
Track Name: 02 - Dawn Of Time
Verse I:
Through ice and fire
Dark and light
The clash of realms
That none shall sight
He who was brought through Elivagar's venom
And through whom rose the world of human
Ymir the Joten the source of all

Verse II:
In a prison of ice
There he lays
But freedom he gained
In a matter of days
Audhumla's milk was the gate of life
But soon it turned into a poisoned knife
Buri was made from the salty ice

Verse III:
From blood oceans and seas were made
Holding a treason that shall not fade
His bones shaped the mountains we climb
Wild and fierce it tells the story a-for-time
Out of his flesh was the earth, finally born
The blue planet where all fades like seafoam
That tremendous skull made the vast blue sky
The witness to an awful history that cries
A myth they say, a lie it might be
But what I’ve learned is we can't always see
Track Name: 03 - Ode To Mighty Deeds
Verse I:
The dawn of all times, Fathers of all glory
Gods and warriors, their world was our haven
Then came the bloody war, the bringer of mystery
A priorly never known strife, a root to obscurity
Raise your swords, your mysterious weapons
Your beaten gold helmets and majestic summons
Battlefields shall bear the bloodshed
Meadows once green, now red
The mighty wall into dust
Defend Asgard , we must
Through the deafening thud
From foes sparing no blood

Such spoke the raven, for it tells no lies
Gullveig was once slaughtered in the land of ice
Revenge, Mimir was beheaded, so died the wise
Furious Gods, wisely blinded, revenge at any price

Verse II:
Such uttered the bear; a hideous war was up to call
Sublime spears thrown in the sacred hall
Much blood wasted, neither Asgard nor Vanaheim will fall
Sorrows of endless loss, both realms shall bear
For it’s better to mourn ones loved so dear
Than endure grievances of shameful defeat
With an unfair trade it came to an end
And thus the end brought again a new life
All for the Eternal divine land
Brothers were stabbed by the fate's knife

Such spoke the raven, for it tells no lies
Gullveig was once slaughtered in the land of ice
Revenge, Mimir was beheaded, so died the wise
Furious Gods, wisely blinded, revenge at any price

Verse III:
Day after day it became clear to me
What a witch once said, she have clearly seen
Gods are no longer where have they been
Prayers lost everywhere, drawn in the bottom of the sea
Greed can never be the right path
Blindfolded anger is the first step of the endless rage
Track Name: 04 - Hall Of The Slain
Verse I:
Facing danger standing tall
He who shall never fall
Gates of heaven open wide
Embrace the glory sacrifice
Fear no man; Dread no soul, Once again, Facing foes
Like the blood that flows within
Until death never give in
Fellowship of swords
Brotherhood of unspoken word
Seal the unspoken fate
With the last breath of dead saint

Hall of the slain heaven of the chosen ones
The start of the end along with Odin's sons
The vessel of the ancients and those yet to come
The heaven of man and the eternal sun

Verse II:
Wheels of fate starts to roll
Unchains the gates to embrace the soul
Pulling back the property of gods
Rewarding the ultimate glory sacrifice
Oh Valhall! Heaven of fearless warrior
Embrace this humble seeker of honour
With endless wine and eternal peace of mind
With the company of the father god in the great hall of Asgard

Verse III:
A heaven it's called
But is it indeed
Killing and fighting
Became a need
To keep the strength
Of the chosen ones
To save Asgard
When war comes
A bore is slaughtered
Every day
Made hole again,
Never to decay
Sons of Odin
Like a forfeit
Fighting gods
Comes with a price
Through 540 gates
Flows the path of fate
To unleash the threads of time
Needs nothing but the ultimate crime
Track Name: 05 - The Last Sip
Track Name: 06 - Under The Sign Of Path
Verse I:
Blessed were the children of Odin
Carrying inside the mighty gods gene
The fairest of them all was Baldur
Bright as the holy sun forever pure
Beauty and wisdom in one combined
Residing in the hearts of gods and minds
No warrior shall he ever be
A peaceful soul from all hatred and dirt eternally free
A teacher, a mentor he was called
Telling the ways of herbs and curses so old
Hod was the shadow of the holy sun
Blind and in darkness, he was no fun
A premonition awakened an old anxiety
The coming of Ragnarok and the end of reality

Embrace the fate, unleash the strings
The enchanting wise that laughter brings
In dreams he saw what hidden must be
The beloved god's no longer free
The glorious Baldur, the trigger of Ragnarok
The mesmerizing son and sealer of clock

Verse II:
Scared of her loss Frigg sealed a pact
With all living creatures in a matter of fact
To never harm her beloved son
Thus the oath of the gods was finally done
Although only one she did not fear
The young mistletoe needn't to be sealed
Immune he has become the wise God
Unharmed and loved he shall always be
But the darkness lurking behind him he can never see
Spreading laughter and joy
Turning himself into gods’ toy
Enjoying the power he obtained
Forever in darkness chained
The peaceful soul no longer he is
With a spear was stabbed and flew with the breeze
The mistletoe that was left behind
With the evil of the snake and its treacherous mind
Guiding the young blind fool
Who seeked to laugh and break the rules
And thus what the witch foresaw came true
The wise, the fallen, to Hel straight to
The grieve that befell on those close to heart
The farewell is the final part
And thus the fate of the world was unleashed
To start the sacred war and enjoy the final feast
Track Name: 07 - Echoes Of A Fallen Era
Blood giveth life and blood taketh life
The shadows of the End take over the Light
The treacherous Death of the Pure White
By the hands of the venomous snake s knife '
Unleashed (at last) the start of the greatest fight

Under the wings of the eternal Night
Hunting the snake for revenge s sake '
Sealed he was in a rock of endless ache

A long winter came at last
The end is near, but not so fast
The blood oath shall be forgotten
An endless rage. An era so rotten
The sun has faded, lost its glitter
Swallowed whole by a pursuer, not a quitter
The moon as well, a captive it became
The equilibrium was lost, who s to blame? '

The shaking of the grounds unleashed the beasts
An era of blood, the devil s feasts '
The final battle has now began
The doom is near, about it nothing can be done

All is prepared for the final stride
What once was sealed cannot be denied
ODIN perished by the hands of FENRIR
Avenged by VIDAR in the heart with a spear

THOR collided with the great snake
The vicious fight is no fake
Victorious he was but no for so long
The time has come for the warrior to be gone

LOKI as well engrossed in his battle
Face to face with HEIMDAL the score to settle
An era of chaos and a scorching fire
A black sky engulfing the world entire
At last the ground finally gave in
Sank in the depth of the frozen ocean

The sacrifices that were made were not in vain
What once was lost shall be regained
The ocean that swallowed the wretched ground
Erased the scars so profound
And once again it s back to life '
So pure and vivid, a new life
The tree of the world was the source of all
The shelter of the two who shall answer the call

Few are those who the end survived
Learning from those who are long dead
And thus it began, a new journey
With the wisdom of the past and memories so thorny